Dean's Mailbox

When you have suggestions for the School, you are welcome to reflect them to the faculty, secretary or Chair of your department in accordance with the nature of the suggestion.

If you do not get a response or action from your department, you are welcome to use this mailbox to convey your suggestions. In order to ensure the quality of service, efficiency, and authenticity, whether you are student or parent please include your or your child's class, name, and contact number.

The School will not accept suggestions to the Dean’s mailbox under the following conditions:

1.      Incorrect information

2.      Anonymous

3.      Unspecified content

4.      Indecent, abusive or false accusations

5.      Reflecting the same topic again and again after a reply has been sent

You are also welcome to propose your suggestion in person by booking an appointment with the Dean.

TEL:  +886-3-3507001#3218